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Down To The Tee, Your Wedding Details

Weddings represent some of the most significant life changes we experience as adults. They signify, in a day, the experience of passing on from a world of one to a life of two. (Or more! Families are a wonderful thing.) Your decisions are no longer exclusively yours to make, as they have the potential to impact another person’s life.

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Wondering About Microblading Prices?

Here at Casa De Piel, our goal is not to make you more beautiful. You are already beautiful! But if adding a little extra color or definition to certain features makes you feel more beautiful, that’s just what we would like to do for you. We are here to simply add a more permanent, defined touch to certain features that you already touch up on a daily basis. Features such as your eyebrows, eyes, and lips.

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3 Benefits of Microblading Eyebrows

As a child, you probably had no idea how much you would come to value your eyebrows as an adult. It’s rare that you come across a person with a set of perfectly full, symmetrical, meticulously groomed natural eyebrows. More often than not, if you come across someone who fits that description it is likely they had some cosmetic work done to achieve those results or are extremely lucky.

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Permanent Makeup: How Is It Different From Microblading?

A common question among those who are curious about diving into the world of cosmetic tattooing is “What is the difference between permanent makeup and microblading?” Although they both are a form of cosmetic tattooing, they are both very different. For starters, microblading is a relatively new practice, unlike permanent makeup that has been around for a couple of decades now.

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Permanent Makeup in New Jersey

Looking for a more natural yet defined look without needing to reply copious amounts of makeup to your face on a daily basis? Our permanent makeup service in New Jersey may be exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t let the term “permanent” intimidate you. Not only is our makeup semi-permanent, but also beautiful and long-lasting.

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